I provide Member National Authorities and Government Organizations with everything they need in order to create, develop and operate their own National Sailing Schemes. I can deliver sail training and water sports at any level. I worked at director level for some of the Turkey’s largest sailing academies as well as leading Turkish Olympic Sailing. Alongside a country’s National Sailing Federation, I can work directly with not only National Olympic Committees, National Sports and Education Ministries, the educational sector (Schools, Colleges and Universities), but also with community outreach initiatives at regional and/or local level. I have been efficient in the set up of national participation programs, securing government funding and have overseen the management and delivery of National Governing Body standards in a variety of locations.


Training and a well designed sailing scheme is future of any watersports program. It provides communities access to water for leisure, learning to act as a team and competition at the same time, physical development and suchlike activities. It can develop a larger community of sailors to carry on the racing scheme as well as maintaining support to government participation projects. It is mandatory to create an effective training scheme and standards to utilize the correct people and resource to initiate it.


I supply training advice, consultancy and on water coaching to the world’s largest emerging countries.

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Racing and Race coaching can be key to any scheme development. Creating a solid coaching structure helps to create a clear pathway for sailors from beginner to national and world level. I already supply race coach training to leading competitive organizations to help develop the link between leisure sailor to racer is smooth. This also ensures their squad coaches are in tune with the latest methods and practices used in race squad coaching.


I am not only a racing expert and competitor within the body of itself but also has access to most of Turkey’s leading race coaches. This ensures that not only the organizations I work with are up to date with latest methods but we as a company are at the forefront of coaching at any level.