I Create Tailor Made
Watersports Solutions

With years of experience working in the field of sailing and watersports industry, I am able to offer sailing consultation at any level and globally. I have the management, operation, and training knowledge to help create and develop a successful water sports project anywhere.

I have supported and consulted in the development of current training schemes, safety regulations, operational procedures and revenue generation ideas used by the hospitality industry, sailing schools, leisure activity companies, residential sailing camps and national sailing authorities all over the world. I provide a very wide range of services from building facility guidelines, creating operational and financial models, supplying work force to specifying the marketing strategies. I ensure my clients receive complete water sports solutions for their specific needs which are tailor made for them under the conditions of the region/country.

Sailing Coaching

Investing in sailing coaching is a fast and effective way to make big gains on the water. It’s very easy to race regularly, keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour, and feel frustrated by not achieving the results you want.



I provide Member National Authorities and Government Organizations with everything they need in order to create, develop and operate their own National Sailing Schemes. I can deliver sail training and water sports at any level.

Watersports Centers

I specialise in the provision of high quality watersports for high end hotels worldwide. Many hotels with waterfront premises are missing out on significant revenue opportunity by not having a watersports provision or by using a third party concessionaire to run a facility.